Although Dodge College of Film and Media Arts enjoys an international reputation today, that didn’t happen overnight. There were plenty of lumps, bumps and, certainly, triumphs along the way.

Fall 2016 marks two significant milestones:

  • the 10th anniversary of our move into Marion Knott Studios
  • the 20th anniversary of the creation of the School of Film and Television, later named Dodge College in honor of the transforming gift of Larry and Kristina Dodge.

Of course, our history goes even further back, into the 80s and even the late 70s, when the first film classes were offered at Chapman.

What memories and stories stand out in your mind?  Please send us your thoughts on an experience that shaped you, a moment you can never forget, or just a great story about something that characterized your time at Chapman.

What do you remember?

  • DVision (also known as “Devil Vision”)
  • Classes in DeMille Hall
  • Being part of the Communications Department
  • Editing before non-linear editing was possible
  • Slide-tape production
  • The New Media emphasis
  • Location filmmaking—Cabo San Lucas, Death Valley
  • Holding the Cecils in Memorial Hall
  • Producing American Celebration
  • Cablevision of Orange
  • Going to Sundance
  • When Public Relations and Advertising joined the film school
  • Filmmaker dinners with….
  • The Knott Studios groundbreaking with Arnold Schwarzenegger
  • The Warlocks and Witches Ball
  • Visits by a favorite director, writer or… (Bryan Singer, Robert Zemeckis, Rob Reiner, name your favorite)
  • A particular Women in Focus panel
  • Winning a film festival award
  • An event, class, professor, travel course or some other experience that was particularly meaningful to you

Please share your memories and stories using this form:

Be sure to include your year of graduation, major, and what you’re doing now.

The deadline for submissions is August 1, 2016.

Won’t you join us a for a walk down memory lane and a celebration of how far we’ve come?