Looking for a good way to spend your interterm? Why not take one of these awesome classes that Dodge College is offering!

FTV 329/529: Audio Drama Production
Explore the art and craft of writing, directing, editing, and sound designing audio-only dramas in this unique workshop. Instructor Kc Wayland has produced podcasts with over 50 million downloads of such audio series as “Bronzeville” (starring Laurence Fishburne and Larenz Tate), and “We’re Alive.”

FTV-329-05 The Walt Disney Company From Animation To Empire
This course examines the history of the Walt Disney company from its arrival in Hollywood as a small niche company, through its era as a full-fledged studio, its transition into television and theme parks, its renaissance, and its conglomeration and expansion into a global empire. We will look into issues of aesthetics, branding, representation, and fandom, and of course, we will watch and discuss a lot of shorts and features along the way. Students pitch and develop final projects tailored to their specific interests.

FTV 329/529-03 Virtual Reality Design
A lecture/workshop that instructs students in the artistry and technology of Virtual Reality production.  Instructor Richard Taylor is a pioneer in visual effects and emerging technologies with expertise in live-action direction, animation, production design, and digital technologies for movies, commercials, computer games, and special venues.

FTV 329/529 Modern Horror Workshop
The horror genre is enjoying a vibrant renaissance. What are ways in which these films evoke sensations of fear, dread, and (to use Aristotle’s word), disgust, in an audience? Why do audiences gain pleasure from un-pleasurable emotions? And what are the ways in which a filmmaker can utilize techniques at his/her disposal to put tension on the screen? This class we explore these questions from a practical, hands-on, filmmaker’s perspective. Each week we view, analyze, and deconstruct films that use elements of horror. Starting with the birth of modern horror and quickly moving on to modern directors like Park Chan Wook, Fede Alvarez, Takshi Miike, Pang Brothers, and Thomas Alfredson, attention will be given to the vast array of interesting horror films produced in the past two decades.

FTV 329/529 Maneuvering Film Festivals
This is a hands-on workshop for students, who have films or are about to have films that may be festival worthy, to start preparing NOW for the festival journey. For those who don’t have a film but wish to jumpstart their knowledge of festivals, markets and screenwriting competitions, YOU should use a friend’s film (if they’ll let you) or we can talk about assigning a film to use as if it were your own, so you can create all the promotional materials and strategies necessary in addition to targeting the right festivals for your assigned film or documentary. Such guests may include programmers from various festivals, journalists who cover the Festival Markets, directors of screenwriting competitions, executives from distribution companies and/or festival award-winning short film/documentary filmmakers, and more.

FP 359 – Pro Tools Certification
Explore Pro Tools, the industry standard software for film/television sound, in a completely hands-on environment, covering advanced functions such as additional editing tools, elastic audio, MIDI and virtual instruments, and more!  And at the end of the course, students will be eligible to take Avid’s Pro Tools certification exam and attain official “Pro Tools Certified User” status. This is the same material that Avid offers to professionals at training centers in Los Angeles, but Dodge College gives you the same experience as a 3-unit course, right here at Chapman!   Bolster your resume, your Pro Tools knowledge, and your sound-editing skills all at once!  This can count as an upper-division Dodge elective. **Blocked by My.Chapman because of class status or major?  Please contact Dan Pavelin, 714/744-7866, dpavelin@chapman.edu to arrange to be signed in.  **Prerequisites:  FP 133 Audio Techniques or instructor consent.

FTV 329/529: Hollywood 1939: A Feast of Light and Shadow
1939 was marked by a number of significant films, several of which we will be seeing in class (Mr. Smith Goes to Washington, Dark Victory, The Wizard of Oz, Gone With the Wind, and more). We will study Hollywood through the case study of 1939 to understand issues related to authorship, film style & genre, censorship (the PCA), production practices (vertical integration, independent production), technological advances (Technicolor, deep focus cinematography), and publicity and fan culture. Doing so will enable us to see the extent at which the media industry practices of studio era Hollywood continue to influence/inform those of present-day Hollywood.
Each class will consist of a feature film screening followed by class discussion and lecture and incorporate primary source learning activities (analyzing censorship files, production materials, filmmaker interviews, fan magazines and film marketing campaigns, and modernist novels written about Hollywood and Southern CA).

TWP 374/FTV 574: Art & Business of Web Video
This course will cover the strategies of making successful web videos. You’ll brainstorm and produce ideas, learn from successful web video producers (live), participate in industry events, and shoot a pilot! Since 2004, Prof. Frank Chindamo’s classes in web video have helped to launch the careers of web video filmmakers like Freddie Wong, who has garnered over a billion views on YouTube and has netted millions of dollars thus far, and Bernie Su, who now holds two prime-time Emmy Awards. In fact, Chapman’s first narrative 360 video was made by Sam Wickert in Chindamo’s class, and led to “The Harvest”! You’re probably great at film, TV and other media, but don’t neglect web video. It’s the easiest, fastest way to make, distribute and monetize your work.

NWD 329 The Art of the Interview
Whether you’re a filmmaker, documentarian or journalist, this is an opportunity to explore the art of the interview. You’ll learn how to pick guests, book them, and prepare with just the right questions. You’ll also look at social media, where the famous and the not so famous are “speaking” to thousands, sometimes millions of followers. The course will include lectures, screenings and production in the field with tips on  shooting and editing. We’ll also look at the history of the interview, and how it’s changed history, caused scandal, and turned ordinary people into celebrities. Some field experience is preferred. Instructor Bret Marcus is an award-winning producer and executive producer who has worked at ABC News, NBC News and public television. He has also run the news departments at network stations in New York, Washington DC and Los Angeles. Questions? Email bmarcus@chapman.edu

The Duplass brothers charmed the Sundance programmers with a $3 short shot in an afternoon about a man who just wanted to change the outgoing message on his voice mail.  In Fast and Furious Filmmaking, we’ll employ a similar “available materials” style to get stories on their feet and in front of a camera as soon as possible,  discovering through trial and error out what works, what doesn’t and what deserves further development. Open to Writers, Directors, Actors, Creative Producers and any other Dodge students interested in learning an out-of-the-box approach to the development and production process.  Permission of Instructor is required, so email dutcher@chapman.edu. Class will meet M, T and  Th from 12 to 4.