Daniel Drummond’s A FOREMAN has advanced to the Finalist stage of the Student Academy Awards! In 2015, Daniel became the first Chapman student to win a Student Academy Award for his short film CHIAROSCURO .

Ceylan Carhoglu & Nicole Jordan-Webber’s GARDENERS OF THE FOREST has been selected to be featured in the prestigious The Wrap’s Online ShortList Film Festival, where it will compete in the student section against only 7 other film schools who were invited to participate. The jury includes the Lisa Bunnell, President of Distribution at Focus Features, Lesley Chilcott, producer of An Inconvenient Truth and Waiting for Superman, and a number of other long-tenured industry professionals. Here is the article on TheWrap. Be sure to vote and share the link with your friends and colleagues.

Phillip Vernon’s BROAD STROKES has been officially selected for the 35th Annual Reeling: Chicago LGBTQ+ International Film Festival for his Midwest Premiere

Brenna Malloy’s ROCKET has been invited to screen at the 4th Annual Sanford International Film Festival, the 5th Annual Jerome Indie Film & Music Festival, the 3rd Annual Full Bloom Film Festival, the 11th Annual South Dakota Film Festival, and the 6th Annual Lake Charles Film & Music Festival

Riley Geis’ THE WITCHING HOUR will play the 7th Annual NOLA Horror Fest, the 9th Annual Burbank International Film Festival, the 19th Annual Sidewalk Film Festival, the 4th Annual FilmQuest, and the 18th Annual Chicago Horror Film Festival.

Hailey Millar’s MY LIFE IS NOT A SHOW had its World Premiere at the 2nd Annual Boston Short Film Festival.

Aaron Kohn, Brianna Brinzo, Ethan Stupp, Hannah Mattner, and Kat Satter’s HIDDEN LIFE will have its World Premiere at the 15th Annual Matsalu Nature Film Festival.

Makena Costlow’s MOTHER OF THE YEAR won Best College Short at the 4th Annual Brightside Tavern Film Festival

Remy Cashman’s WHEN WIGS FLY will play the 10th Annual Cinema Diverse Palm Springs LGBTQ Film Festival and the 20th Annual Outflix Film Festival

Tom Teller’s ICARUS, Tanner Cusumano’s CALIBER, Harjus Singh’s ALL QUIET ON THE HOMEFRONT, Ashton Avila’s I GOT YOU BABE, Grant Moore’s PICKLE, Wyatt Lake’s ANNABELLE CRANE, and Meagan Sutton’s LA FADEAWAY all played the Oscar-Qualifying 21st Annual LA Shorts Fest

Derek O’Dell’s AEON will be playing the 29th Annual Girona Film Festival

Riley Geis’ THE WITCHING HOUR won Best Horror/Suspense Film at the Comic Con Independent Film Festival

Nancy Liu’s ANGELTOWN, Ashton Avila’s I GOT YOU BABE, Kendall Goldberg’s SWIPE RIGHT, and Sergio Zaciu’s WHINING LOW will be playing the 5th Annual Rahway Independent Film Festival

Alexa Tuttle’s INTREPID and Jackon Smith’s THE CHOCOLATE SOLDIER will have their World Premieres at the 14th Annual San Diego International Kids Film Festival