As the media continues to buzz about the commercial and artistic opportunities made possible by new virtual and augmented reality technologies, students are looking for ways to get a head start in this emerging field. By adding a minor in Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality (VR and AR) available in fall 2018, students can explore the uses of immersive media for storytelling across a wide range of fields as part of their curriculum.

Classes will explore the forms of immersive media as a storytelling tool along with the history and development of the new medium and teach students how to plan and create immersive media projects.

“VR content is used for purposes as diverse as treating PTSD, helping children with autism develop social skills, designing safer cars, training surgeons, and creating interactive lessons in the humanities, the social sciences, and the sciences,” says Janell Shearer, professor and Chair of the Media Arts Division. “It offers a wide range of interdisciplinary opportunities.”

The minor was developed by faculty in Dodge’s Institute for Creative Reality (ICR) in consultation with industry experts, particularly Roy Taylor, Corporate Vice President of AMD/Radeon Technologies, a company that develops high-speed graphics processing units (GPUs) for use in virtual reality and video game creation. Additional funding used to kick start and sustain the Institute of Creative Reality is provided by proud parent Srini Srinivasan.

Interested in applying for the minor? The application is now live, and all important information on this process can be found on the Dodge College Current Student Website. Open to all current Chapman students. Deadline to submit is March 1st.

Tentative Course List:

A minimum of twelve credits must be upper–division.

requirements (15 credits)

VRAR 110 Storytelling in Immersive Media 3
VRAR 210 Introduction to VR and AR 3
CPSC 236 Visual Programming 3
VRAR 310 Overview of Post-Production for Emerging Media 3
VRAR 494 Advanced VR/AR Workshop 3

electives (6 credits)

two of the following

VRAR 320 Spatial Audio Design 3
VRAR 330 Immersive Cinematography 3
VRAR 340 The Landscape of Emerging Media 3
MGMT 365 Introduction to Entrepreneurship for Non-Majors 3


total credits   21

A note from the editor: This article originally appeared in the fall 2017 issue of Dodge College’s In Production magazine. Read more here.