There is a variety of ways to get the necessary cash together to make a film. One of the most fulfilling ways comes from finding support from others in the community. Community support for a film is powerful and can establish a career. At this year’s Lunafest which took place February 3rd, hosted by Zonta Club of Newport Harbor, Dodge College students found such support.

“This was much more than just sitting watching films, we were able to have really personal experience,” said Hilary Kaye, film festival chair, and Zonta Club member. The organization strives to make a difference in their community and empower the recipients by gifting grants. “It’s not a check writing exercise at Zonta, we roll up our sleeves… to do something meaningful which affects lives, and that’s what I like about it,” said Kaye.

Lunafest, a touring film festival, boasts it is “by, for, and about women,” and seeks to highlight female creators working in the film industry. Though it had humble beginnings, support of this idea has spread to over 175 communities across the nation and serves as a fundraiser for these communities. The event at Dodge College consisted of a lite reception, a silent auction, and screening of Lunafest films. Funds from the evening will be awarded to female applicants to complete projects in the coming year.

It has been over a decade since the partnership between Dodge College and the Zonta Club was formed and continues to benefit club members and students alike. The evening gathered over 150 attendees interested in supporting female filmmakers.

A variety of funds are available to students to aid in all aspects of their projects. The Zonta Award is an excellent way to support and give a voice to new and veteran creators. The 2018 Zonta awardees will be announced at this year’s Women in Focus event. For additional information on grants visit the Awards and Grants section of the Dodge College site.