Sound Stage B was recently home to the senior thesis film, Calamity Falls, written and directed by Hadley Hillel (BFA/FP ’18). This film is a fantasy drama about a young girl coping with the recent loss of her parents. This production used the largest backdrop seen by Dodge College. The backdrop, depicting a hillside overlooking the ocean, weighed over 500 pounds. Coordinating such a task doesn’t just happen, it takes dedication and planning. “They really did their homework,” said Marita Tayler, Stage Manager for Dodge College, about the scale of the project. “This was ambitious, but that is the power of preproduction.”

The massive set also included a lifesize greenhouse with reversible and removable walls, a large flower constructed by industry veteran Cleve Hall, who also puppeteered the flower, and a variety of live carnivorous plants.

Thesis screenings take place in Folino Theater during the spring semester. For more information and specific dates for each screening please visit here.