I had the pleasure of watching Blindspotting (2018) at The Landmark in LA on Friday July 20th. As many other publications have said, it is a very timely piece. Unfortunately, as Daveed Diggs said in a post movie Q&A, “It’s nice to have a film that’s relevant, but like, it would’ve been cool if it was a period piece; ‘damn 2009 sucked’!” It’s hard to imagine that the movie is a comedy but, Diggs and his co-star/writer Rafael Casal and director Carlos Lopez-Estrada ’12 blended the dramatic topics with fluid comedic performances beautifully. I felt like I was on a roller coaster of emotion having to deal with my own feelings of empathy towards these characters while awkwardly trying to laugh with them through the struggle.

As an independent film with a limited release, I encourage Chapman University alumni to go watch this movie and support your fellow alumnus, Lopez-Estrada. It is set for a wider release on July 27.

Feature video from Lionsgate: Official Blindspotting trailer