This Thursday, April 25, a group of Dodge College and Schmid College students had the opportunity to tour the Santa Monica facilities of Riot Games. 22 students joined us for this interactive event that included a small panel with current “Rioters” and Chapman alumni Ovilee May ’18 and Kiley Theiring ’13 (BFA/FP).

The tour included some photo opportunities in front of sculpture commissioned by famous artists; one of Annie, a champion in their game League of Legends, and her bear Tibbers, the other of their champion Lucian. Each of these statues were placed within 100 feet of a kitchen or coffee area. Food and caffeine were clearly something that all employees here had plenty of.

little girl and bear

Riot Games HQ boasts 1700 employees and is consistently growing as they continue to look to expand how players interact with their sole game. The intern program allows students to immerse themselves in the various departments from computer science, to data analysis, to art. Their progrstatue of manam only runs during the summer, is paid, and offers a number of other perks.

Ovilee and Kiley spoke about working on as many sets and projects as possible while a student, and build relationships with those people so you can lean on each other for jobs after graduation. They also mentioned how always being the person to take initiative on projects both in school and any internship you’re at, will prepare you for success. And to have a mentality of “no job is beneath you” will prepare you to work in a collaborative environment.

Please keep a look out for future Career Excursions. If you have any questions about these events or anything career related please reach out to the Dodge College Career Advisor Jon Hernandez or Schmid College Career Advisor Elisa Hernandez.

group of students

Students with alumni and Rioters Ovilee May ’18 and Kiley Theiring ’13