On Sunday, October 13, 2019, we welcomed 11 alumni to a panel moderated by Winsor Yuan (MFA ’12) to discuss career-related topics. The panel included Rachel Skidmore (MFA ’12) of Skybound Entertainment, Laura Avila-Tacsan (MFA ’10), Aubrey Lee (BFA ’13) of Lord Miller, Natalie Welch (BFA ’17) of Warner Brothers, Esther Sokolow (BFA ’13) (It, Chapter Two), Joe Sill (BFA ’13) (Stray), Shayna Cohen (MFA ’14) of Dreamworks Animation, Francesca Butler (MFA ’13) (Night Shift, L Word), Nicholas Wiesnet (BFA ’11), and Shane Hegeman (BA ’13) of Orion at MGM. crowd of alumni

The panel touched on topics ranging from the WGA and ATA dispute and the Me-Too movement, to how to be an advocate for your own career, and what they wish they would have known before graduating. The goal of the panel was to gather alumni from various areas of the industry who can give their own perspectives on similar situations. The attendees were a combination of current seniors and graduate students, and alumni from all years. The attendees also represented various disciplines and backgrounds.

The Life After Dodge Panel was held at Phase Two, a creative coworking space in Culver City, owned and operated by alumnus Dan Pastewka (MFA ’13). The location provided a fantastic atmosphere for learning and collaboration as attendees were able to meet each other as well as the panelists during an open mixer.

The event was made possible through the hard work of alumni Winsor Yuan ’12, Max Keller ’13, Dan Pastewka ’13 and brought to you by Jon Hernandez, Barbara Doyle and the College to Career Program.

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