Denise Reid, Doctoral StudentMy name is Denise Reid. I am ending my first year as a doctoral student in Education with a Disability Studies emphasis. My entire experience as a doctoral student at Chapman University, from the information session to completing course assignments, has been wonderful. I considered three other programs when I started my doctoral search. After I attended Chapman’s information session, I knew Chapman was the perfect fit.

The faculty and staff in the College of Educational Studies (CES) were helpful and genuinely interested in me and my academic goals. The collaboration between admission and CES was excellent. Chapman’s doctoral program consists of faculty members that are accomplished in their area of expertise. A sense of belonging is another characteristic of this program. The faculty and staff take time to know the students. It is a great feeling for a faculty or staff member to address you by name when you are on campus. I also appreciate the several opportunities to attend writing workshops. After talking with doctoral students in other programs, I have learned that Chapman’s emphasis on writing is unique.  Being in a cohort is also a benefit of the program. Doctoral students are encouraged to maintain communication with their advisors to ensure program requirements are met.

I am glad that I decided to earn my PhD from Chapman University.

Denise Reid, Cohort 2011