“I feel in many ways I have received the most wonderful and interesting gift in the second half of my life by becoming an artist. Art allows me to experience the ability to connect deep inside myself and gives me a very satisfying sense of independence.”


Culture and art combine.  There is no doubt we are all influenced by our heritage and experiences.  The art of Steven Velazquez clearly demonstrates the intersection between artistic expression and heritage.  His is a vibrant palette that offers stunning portrayals of life.  He explains that this emphasis on color illustrates his belief that, “Color is life”  (XICO Artist Interview)

While he identified as a musical artist since the age of 12, it was not until much later that he began recognizing his talent as a visual artist.  This recognition happened here at Chapman University, when he was a student in 2005.  For this he credits his wife, Bobbi Fisher-Velazquez, and states that it was her encouragement to enroll in art classes that started this artistic journey.  His first student painting revealed his talent and motivated him to listen to his inner voice that said, “You can do this” (XICO Artist Interview)

He was not the only one who recognized his own talent.  Chapman took notice as well.  He was commissioned by President James Doti to commemorate the Chapman University Toyota of Orange 5K run.  Additionally, four of his paintings were entered into the 2005 Chapman Guggenheim Gallery juried art show.  His work has also been featured in California at the Libreria Martinez, and various galleries throughout Arizona- where he continues to explore a variety of artistic media.  His work has no boundaries- acrylics on hand-made canvas, wood panel, and paper mache.  All are used to communicate that which inspires him, a love of nature, photographs, and visual memories.

It is exciting to learn that, eight years later, Steven is coming home to the birthplace of his artistic talent.  We hope Chapman students take the opportunity to join a special artist talk, exhibit and reception Saturday, May 4, 2013 at the Libreria Martinez.

Velazquez File

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