Michael Sallinger

Michael Sallinger, Kathleen Muth Reading Center donor

The Kathleen Muth Reading Center
 (KMRC) at Chapman University College of Educational Studies had an unexpected gift from an unexpected source this past December 2013.  Michael Sallinger, a current student in the tutoring program has been honored as our youngest KMRC donor for his generous gift of ninety-five dollars to the Reading Center.  Michael and his family listen to
95.9, the FISH radio station
and Michael participated in a daily program “Family Name Game.”  The purpose of the prize money is to “pay it forward” to a non-profit organization.  Michael’s name was chosen on his birthday, September 17, 2013 and Michael immediately responded by calling the station.  Michael’s mom stated, “This was a great way for him to begin his birthday, and a great lesson in giving back.”  In considering his options, Michael chose the Kathleen Muth Reading Center and his donation will be placed, in his name, in the scholarship fund for future KMRC students.