Silje Gaugstad, an International student from Norway

Silje Gaugstad, an International student from Norway

About five years ago I was faced with a decision.  Which school would I attend?  Selecting a PhD program was unlike my undergraduate decision.  Older and wiser, I knew what I wanted in a school.  I wanted the opportunity to collaborate with like-minded individuals.  I wanted an experience that would provide me with an intellectual challenge that stimulated thinking.  I chose Chapman.  
Silje Gaugstad
, an International student from Norway seeking a Masters in Leadership Development, also selected Chapman. A recent student profile sheds light on her reasons for selecting Chapman, as well as her experiences here.


Why did you choose Chapman?

I chose Chapman because they offered a program I was very interested in, and I had heard good things about the school.  The location was also very important to me, since I wanted to stay in Orange County.

What was the transition like coming to Chapman from overseas?

I moved to California three years before I became a student at Chapman, so it was not a big transition for me. Chapman has also been great with the international students, and I have always felt taken care of.

In what ways have you been able to take advantage of Orange County and its surrounding areas?

The OC is beautiful, and the weather is always nice.  The beaches are my favorite part of So. Cal. There are also a lot of beautiful hikes, and places to go biking.  The OC has a log of great shopping and dining.  It has also been nice to live close to big cities like Los Angeles and San Diego.

What opportunities has Chapman provided for growth in your future career?

The program has made me grow professionally and as a person.  The professors have been very helpful at Chapman.  The school has also been a great help to me in the process of getting internships and professional experiences.

What advice would you give to another student considering Chapman?

It is a great school, but make sure the school offers the right program.  Plan ahead to meet deadlines and other important dates.  Do your research to make the process easier.