Networking with like-minded professionals can be very advantageous within the education field. LinkedIn has been a way we have developed a network of colleagues from all around the world. Through Linkedin, we met Tim Villegas from Marietta, Georgia a special educator for over 10 years. Tim’s focus has been to promote inclusive practices in schools for students with disabilities by connecting advocates, parents, and educators, through his website. Tim’s website includes a wealth of information comprising of videos, podcasts, interviews, articles, and stories of others in the field working hard to promote inclusive practices in school districts nation-wide. After ongoing conversations, Tim approached us to be apart of his site by having us do the next podcast discussing the Disability Studies in Education website we developed for Chapman University.

Viki Scheffel

Viki Scheffel, Kincaid Elementary School (source:

In this podcast we will be discussing the development of the website, the tenants of Disability Studies in Education (DSE), how we came to DSE as special educators, the application of DSE theory to practice in the special education field, and inclusion. In addition, he has asked us to speak about Chapman’s Ph.D. in Education program, and specifically the Disability Studies emphasis. We look forward to doing this podcast on March 20th and more importantly being apart of this phenomenal site. We believe this is another step in the path of becoming change agents in the United States to redefine disability, promote inclusive practices, and make critical strides in the education field.