Last summer, the Fowler School of Engineering successfully moved into our home, the Swenson Family Hall of Engineering. After our extended time away from each other, it was a welcome return from remote learning. Upon the successful completion of the 2021/2022 school year, Dean Andrew Lyon and our leadership team determined the needs of the engineering student had shifted and we needed to accommodate for those changes by taking a closer look at how we were supporting student success. 

The mission of the Fowler School of Engineering has always focused on broadening access to engineering for all students. We have seen that interest in engineering grow rapidly over the years with the makeup of our student body diversifying just as quickly. In order to address the changing needs of our students, our approach to student engagement is much more robust, thoughtful and nimble. We are committed to moving forward with supporting our student’s ambitions including creating positions to address our student’s needs.

“Clearly, the primary mission of a university is to support its students in their pursuits. This new role in engineering at Chapman is our latest step in fulfilling that mission, and Adena is the ideal person to take on this challenge. She understands so deeply how each student’s needs are unique, and I know that she is excited to collaborate with the entire Chapman community in the collective work of educating and mentoring the next generation of engineering leaders,” said Dean Andrew Lyon.

Preview Day 2022

Adena Hamlin (left), Kate Corcoran and Viviana Perez at the annual Preview Day speaking with future Fowler School of Engineering students.

Having worked at Chapman University for eight years, with three years as the Academic Operations Specialist for the Fowler School of Engineering, Dean Lyon knew Adena Hamlin was the person to fill the role of this new position as Manager of Student Success.

Q&A with Adena Hamlin

We caught up with Adena to ask her some questions about her new role, her experience at Chapman University, and her hopes for the future of the Fowler School of Engineering.

Fowler School of Engineering: Adena, tell us a little about yourself.

Adena Hamlin: I am a wife and mother of two, and I love Chapman University. I am extremely passionate about all things within the Fowler School of Engineering. I am fully invested in our students and want to see them thrive and succeed within Fowler Engineering and Chapman. I enjoy engaging with prospective students, current students, and their families throughout their time at the university.

FSE: How long have you worked at Chapman University and what positions have you held?

AH: July 1st will be my 8-year anniversary working at Chapman University. From July 1, 2014, to September 30, 2018, I served as the Administrative Assistant in the general Academic Advising office. In that office, we service all undergraduate students from every single major. The Advising office is the location a student would go to in order to make sure they are on track for graduation and check the completion of their overall degree requirements. 

Representing Fowler School of Engineering

Adena Hamlin (left), Kate Corcoran, Kayla Richardson and Mayra Mosqueda representing Fowler School of Engineering at an event on campus.

From October 1, 2018, to June 23, 2019, I served as the Assistant to the Dean of Schmid College of Science and Technology. At the time, Andrew Lyon was the dean until Jan 2019 he was named the Founding Dean of the Fowler School of Engineering. For the remainder of my time, I supported Interim Dean Jason Keller.

From June 24, 2019 to May 31, 2022, I served as the Academic Operations Specialist for the Fowler School of Engineering. I oversaw scheduling and academic operations and acted on behalf of my supervisor and the School in establishing priorities and identifying and resolving problems that are administrative in nature. My focus was on superior standards of service, proactively coordinating and providing oversight of events that increase the School’s visibility, recruitment, and student engagement.

FSE: Wow, you have so much experience working in different departments and schools at Chapman. In regards to your most recent experience, what has been your favorite part of working at Chapman University’s Fowler School of Engineering?

AH: My favorite part about working for the Fowler School of Engineering has been seeing it grow from inception to reality in its new home, the Swenson Family Hall of Engineering. I also love working with and interacting with new/prospective students and guiding them through the process of application to graduation.

FSE: It’s wonderful that you have seen the Fowler School of Engineering grow from inception, what are some things you hope to accomplish within the year as the new Manager of Student Success?

AH: My mission is to welcome every incoming student in person so they feel supported from their first day at Chapman. I aim to be a resource to all Fowler Engineering students to the point that they feel comfortable reaching out to me with whatever questions/needs they may have. My goal is to support and see every Fowler Engineering student through their time here at Chapman and welcome them back when they return as alumni.

FSE: What is the best advice you’ve ever received?

In the tech shop

Carlos Vergara (left), Viviana Perez and Adena Hamlin working together in the Tech Shop to prepare for next year’s class.

AH: Value-inspired responses will always be your best guide. ~Inspired by Andrew Lyon

FSE: That is great advice. What advice would you give Fowler School of Engineering current and/or future students?

AH: Be open to new opportunities that come your way, seek knowledge and advice from your Fowler Engineering faculty (they are brilliant), and never hesitate to reach out to your Fowler Engineering staff (an incredibly supportive and passionate group of people).

Thank you for your thoughtful responses, Adena. We wish you all the best in your new role at Fowler School of Engineering.