Voting in the US has been a contentious problem for decades. In the recent elections, voters have raised concerns about the fairness in our current voting system. Our group wanted to approach this by making it easier for minority groups, people with accessibility constraints, and those in gentrified areas to vote to achieve an equal and fair democratic process. Using HTML, PHP, and SQL, we built the foundation for a system accessible to all voters who previously faced hardships when voting. It wouldn’t be easy to make a fully functioning, secure e-voting system over the course of just three semesters, so we dialed our focus towards creating the accessibility aspects to serve as a proof of concept. Our goal is to help people with disabilities that hinder their ability to vote, whether it is caused by physical or geographical interference. Additionally, our solution allows overseas military members an alternative way to vote since the current form of requesting and mailing paper ballots is flawed.

Full Poster: Electronically Accessible Voting Systems

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