Collaboration and Resistance

September 11, 2013 by | Books and Authors

During the Holocaust, non-Jews faced a choice: to collaborate with or to resist Nazi rule. Many European gentiles living under German occupation adopted an indirect but still morally compromising course, choosing partial accommodation to Nazi policies rather than total collaboration. Others joined resistance movements only after it was clear that the Allies were winning the war. Jews encountered a far narrower set of options, but some took the difficult path to confront Nazi oppression with armed opposition. Two recently-published books reexamine aspects of resistance and collaboration in light of new research.


John Kerry’s “Munich Moment”

September 6, 2013 by | World News and Events

This week Secretary of State John Kerry spoke of the situation in Syria and our national time of decision regarding possible military action as a “Munich moment.”   He was referring to the conference that occurred in late September 1938 in Munich in which the leaders of Great Britain, France, and Italy met with Adolf Hitler


A Gift of Memory

August 27, 2013 by | Holocaust Survivor

Today marks the release of The Boy on the Wooden Box , the memoir of our dear friend Leon Leyson.  Leon was a guiding spirit of our program, always excited about new facets of our program in Holocaust history and education at Chapman University.  It seems only appropriate that we initiate our blog today.  I

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