Naturally, a new building associated with Dodge College is going to feature its fair share of high-tech, top of the line toys. But to get a real idea of how modern and appropriately fitting all the technology in the new Digital Media Arts Center (DMAC) is, I spoke with the buildings Digital Applications Specialist Kc Wayland, who gave me the inside specs on just how impressive the learning experience really is.

Some quick standard features include, of course, 42” LED TV’s in each office of the building – all of which feature a standard cable package. Their two main classrooms, DMAC 101 and 117 each have impressive computer setups for both film and digital arts students. Both classrooms features dual 24-inch monitors as well as Wacom tablets – which require students to have a specific pen they purchase at the beginning of the semester to use. The Wacom tablets, better for a more traditional pen-to-paper style of creation than computers, are also featured in each of the 10 individual suites in the building. Classroom 101 features light-box drawing stations for hand-drawn 2D animation. Each of the 10 private suites include, along with the tablets, 42” plasma televisions, large-format scanners, and “down-shooters” – which allow students to even further their exploration of traditional 2D animation.

Among the other impressive pieces of technology in the Digital Media Arts Center would be the 4K stereoscopic projection system being used in the buildings screening room, and a new home for the Xsens MVN motion capture suit the university purchased in 2013. With the addition of DMAC has also come an upgrade to Dodge’s render farm, which is powered by both Quanta and IBM xeon-based computers. Hosted next door at Marion Knott’s studios, the upgrade will significantly cut down on the render time for student projects.

If you’d like to learn more about everything thats gone into DMAC, stop by its Formal Grand Opening, which will be following President Doti’s State of the University address tomorrow (2/20) at 12:30. Stop by for a reception as well as tours of the building itself. DMAC is located across from the Dodge College of Film and Media Arts at 200 N. Cypress St.