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Panopto to YuJa Video Platform Transition Update Update 4

December 21, 2022 by | Uncategorized

Over the last ten months, Chapman University Information Systems & Technology team has been working on transitioning to the YuJa Video Platform via the Working@Chapman newsletter and Canvas notifications. We are currently in the final stage of the transition. As we enter this stage, please be advised that:  At this point, the Panopto integration in

Panther Analytics is Getting an Upgrade

November 16, 2022 by | Uncategorized

Panther Analytics from IS&T (Information Systems & Technology) Data Services is a reporting platform that allows university staff in specific roles to view student, finance, and HR reports without having direct access to PeopleSoft, where that information is stored. In the next few weeks, Panther Analytics users will notice some changes to the reports found

Help Button Callback Pilot Enhancing speed of service.

December 3, 2021 by | Uncategorized

Since the start of the Covid pandemic, we have been utilizing help-buttons in our classrooms to provide a faster process to instructors when they need technical support. As we continue to evolve, we continuously think about more efficient ways to provide technical support to Chapman University’s faculty. Currently, we are piloting this program in the

Cloud Storage Updates What's happening and what you can expect.

December 3, 2021 by | Uncategorized

Cloud services have transformed the way Chapman University creates, disseminates, and stores information over the past several years. IS&T has long recognized the need to continue to adapt to the changing landscape as it pertains of the large number of cloud options at our disposal.   Going forward, IS&T will be recommending Microsoft OneDrive as your cloud storage product. This will enable seamless integration

Meet Pantherbot! Chatbot service that will help answer any questions regarding Chapman University services.

December 3, 2021 by | Uncategorized

Over the past several weeks, IS&T has been partnering with several departments across campus to develop Chapman’s very first chatbot called “Pantherbot”. Pantherbot is service that will help answer any questions regarding Chapman University services. If at any time you need to speak with live assistant from a specific department, one will be notified and

Conference Rooms Upgrade Orange and Rinker campus conference rooms to receive new technology to support hybrid meetings.

November 29, 2021 by | Uncategorized

Remote working has changed the way we all work and IS&T is aware that virtual and hybrid meetings are a permanent part of our environment.   To support this need, the university has funded a project to add videoconferencing technology to 27 conference rooms across our Orange and Rinker campuses by the end of December 2021.

F5 VPN to Replace Pulse VPN F5 VPN will provide enhanced security along with stronger and more reliable connectivity.

November 24, 2021 by | Uncategorized

IS&T is replacing our current Pulse VPN solution with F5 ‘BIG-IP’ Secured VPN. With F5 VPN, users will experience faster and more reliable connectivity. Also, F5 VPN will enhance security by requiring Chapman’s Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) when using VPN to access your remote desktop, Panther Analytics, or network shared drives (R Drive, J Drive, etc.).

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