Chapman will start using Concur Detect to help evaluate our expense reports. Detect uses machine-learning technology to check for errors and compliance issues.  This new tool will reduce the manual review process done by Accounts Payable and will, therefore, improve overall reimbursement time.  Expense reports will  first route to Detect to be reviewed by Accounts Payable.  Once approved, it will be budget checked, then routed through the normal workflow process including the AP Manager review at the end.  If  you have any questions, please contact:

The second part needs an update to our Concur homepage.  In the FAQ document can you put a bullet below “What is Concur?”

What is Concur Detect?

Concur Detect is a behind-the-scenes tool that uses machine learning technology to evaluate 100% of Concur transactions for errors and policy compliance.  This allows our reviewers to focus their effort on those transactions most likely to contain an error.  Flagged items are always reviewed by Financial Services staff to determine compliance with fiscal policy.

Screenshot of a concur detect alert message