Dear Concur Users,

As previously announced, updates to the Concur Expense system are about to go live. I would like to thank our colleagues in IS&T for their support on this project and those of you across the campus who volunteered as test users who converted early to ensure everything worked properly and to provide feedback on the updates.

The new user interface will be activated for all users after the close of ordinary business Monday, June 6, 2022. You should see the updated interface the first time you log in to Concur after that date. No other action on your part is necessary.

As a reminder, this is simply a new look and new interface for Concur. All existing functionality of Concur remains in place.

You can find updated online training resources on the Concur Training page. Directed training sessions – both in-person and via Teams – are still available through the PeopleSoft Scheduler.

If you have other questions or need additional, please email or contact the Financial Services staff at 714.997.6873. They will be happy to help.

Thank you again for engaging with us on this project, and Happy New (Fiscal) Year!