Identity management, otherwise known as identity and access management (IAM), is an identity security framework that authenticates and authorizes user access to resources such as applications, data, systems, and cloud platforms.

Chapman’s current IAM system, although effective, is expensive to maintain due to the complexity of the solution. The university’s IAM system was not designed to address the increasing needs of our employees and the management of non-employee credentials and identities.

To improve our identity and access management system, Chapman University’s Information Security team conducted a study to assess its current state and identify areas where it can improve its operations; and sought recommendations that would help us move toward a more secure and resilient environment by improving our Identity Management System.

As a result of these assessments, the university has selected Fischer Identity Management System, a comprehensive identity governance and management solution, as its preferred choice. Fischer offers a flexible and adaptable platform that can meet the varying needs of our organizations and will help us provide improved workflows while keeping our data safe.

Although there will be minimal impact on our end users, this tool will increase security behind the scenes. To learn more about this product, please visit the Fischer Identity Management System page; or visit Chapman University’s Information Security page to find out about our work, receive information security recommendations, and contact us.


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