After years of planning and work, Chapman University IS&T is happy to say GOODBYE to WebAdvisor and HELLO to our new PeopleSoft Campus Solutions. New and continuing students will be using this new system to register for the fall semester, and will begin logging in to the new system today (April 13th), while faculty can currently log into the self-service portal right now.

Naturally, this will lead to some questions for both faculty AND students regarding how this new system works, and we’d like to shed some light on the situation.

How Does This Apply to Students?

Students will be able to log into the student self-service portal starting today, Monday, 04/13/15. At that time, they will be able to search for classes in the 2015 fall term and begin building their shopping cart. They will also be able to see their assigned registration date and time, as well as any hold that may have been placed on their account that would prevent them from registering for classes.

Online tutorials will be available to help students search for classes and build their shopping cart. (Note that registration for 2015 summer classes will still be done in WebAdvisor. The registration date & time in WebAdvisor will probably be different than what is assigned in Campus Solutions for 2015 fall registration.)

Through the rest of the spring term, students will still be using the program evaluation listed in WebAdvisor. So, please be aware that when you have registered for your fall 2015 classes, those will not appear on the WebAdvisor program evaluation. The new program evaluation in PeopleSoft will be coming soon; then students and faculty can view the course history listed in the evaluation (past and future).

How Does This Apply To Faculty?

Faculty will be able to log onto self-service portal starting on Monday, 04/06/15. At that time, they will be able to view course schedules and enter textbook information. Once students begin registering for Fall classes, faculty will also be able to view a class roster. Online tutorials are currently available if assistance is needed at any time, and additionally, faculty members will receive information from the Chancellor’s Office and their department regarding textbook entries as it applies. Please visit the IS&T site frequently, as we will be updating the information over the next several months.

For those that had an Advising role in Datatel/WebAdvisor, that role will continue in The online tutorials referenced above will walk you through how to view student information in the new system. Unfortunately, the Peoplesoft version of the Program Evaluation will not be available for some time, so students will continue to refer to the WebAdvisor Program Evaluation while registering for Fall 2015 classes in Peoplesoft. Be sure to reference or print out the student’s program evaluation in Datatel/WebAdvisor when advising students.

Please note that we have several informational sessions scheduled over the next few weeks. We will be holding a general informational session for Faculty on April 17th at 11 a.m. in Beckman 104 and another session at the Rinker campus, building 9501, on April 20th at 11. We will also begin offering open hours for Faculty in Beckman 201 each week. For more information on these times, they will be listed here. We are also happy to schedule additional sessions to work with individual faculty or departments. Please contact the IS&T Service Desk (information below) to get something set up.

What Else Should I Know?

  1. Freshmen will register after seniors, juniors, and sophomores. The new Campus Solutions system allows seats to be reserved for specific populations of students. Most departments have reserved seats for freshmen in the 100 and 200 level classes.
  2. Waitlist processing is different. If a student is at the top of the waitlist for a class and a seat becomes available they will be automatically enrolled in the class, provided that they do not have any holds that would prevent your registration and that the meeting days and times of the class do not conflict with any other classes in which they are enrolled. They will receive an email notification of your enrollment in the waitlisted class.
  3. Peoplesoft certified browsers: Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Safari
  4. Login Information: Chapman username and password


If you have questions or concerns, please contact the IS&T Service Desk at 714-997-6600, email:, or submit a request at