Looking for a way to gather live time data during a lecture without using unreliable clickers?  Well look no further! PollEverywhere is now available for all Chapman University Faculty members.  PollEverywhere allows students to respond using their mobile devices or through the web.  Here is how it works!

poll_everywhere graphic

Graphic of the PollEverwhere workflow

PollEverywhere allows faculty to poll their students during class time in 3 easy steps.

  1. Create a poll question on PollEverywhere.
  2. Add your question into your PowerPoint or Keynote slides.
  3. Show your slides and watch the question responses appear in real-time on your screen.

PollEverywhere can be linked through PowerPoint as well as Canvas.  Now for those who have older projects that were setup for TurningPoint, no need to worry.  Those project slides can be converted to the PollEverywhere format, so there is no need to re-do any work that has already been completed.

Tutorials and support documentation is available at the following locations:

PollEverywhere Instructions

Converting from TurrningPoint to PollEverywhere in PowerPoint

For those who need assistance with converting their PowerPoint slides, please contact Jana Remy (remy@chapman.edu) to schedule an appointment for someone to come out and assist with the conversion.