Happy week two of National Cyber Security Awareness Month! This week we will be discussing how you can get involved in the cybersecurity field. See what kinds of rewarding career opportunities are out there and how to get started.

Getting started in the cybersecurity field can happen at a very early age.  Students of all ages can be taught best practices starting as early as middle school. As they get older and become more familiar with online resources, parents and teachers can start honing in on the student’s strengths and knowledge about cybersecurity.  This will prepare them for college and eventually their careers.

Adults can also take advantage of this lucrative field. If you are looking to join the workforce or simply looking for a career change, cybersecurity could be your answer. Most job fields are heavily saturated and landing a job can be very difficult. The good new is that continuously growing and expanding cyber world is creating more and more job opportunities on a daily basis.

If you are looking to jump start or your career in cybersecurity, don’t wait! Enroll in classes. Apply for jobs. Your amazing and rewarding career could just be getting started.


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