For Week 3 of National Cybersecurity Awareness month, we had a chance to explore the “Dangers of the Dark Web” and cryptocurrency. What is the dark web, you ask? In a nutshell, The Dark Web is an anonymous domain browser that allows users to look for goods and services  such as fire arms, narcotics, and other illicit materials that may be very difficult and illegal to purchase.  Because of its compelling anonymity and endless possibilities, it has become a popular place for younger and under-age users to access these materials.

On Wednesday, October 17th, the Senior Deputy District Attorney of Orange County gave a presentation regarding the use of the Dark Web to export illegal narcotics using the dangers of cryptocurrency.  We also had the opportunity to hear from a young Orange County Native about his own experience with the dark web. Utilizing the “Tor” browser, a commonly used dark web browser, the young man began the exportation of illegal substances with the intent to sell. He described his experience and involvement with the Dark Web as something a lot like a game of “Russian Roulette.” You never know who or what you may encounter at any given time. His activities on the Dark Web eventually led to his arrest and incarceration.

Prolonged involvement on the dark web can build a sense of confidence. You may get away with using it once or twice, but sooner or later you will likely get into serious trouble. When it comes to using the web, we should always be critical of what we are sharing and who we are sharing with. The internet is an amazing resource and we must never underestimate its hidden dangers.

If did not have a chance to see the presentation live, please check out the panopto recording below:

Dangers of Dark Web and Cryptocurrency