On Tuesday, May 12th, Microsoft enabled Chapman University for up to 9 simultaneous video streams during Teams meetings.   Additionally, non-video participants will always appear in the “Stage” at the bottom of the view, ensuring that screen is exclusively occupied by video.  They also have promised additional expansion of the number of video streams shown at any one time over the coming year.  As a reminder, Teams supports up to 250 people in a meeting, and will display the most recent 9 active speakers on the screen.

Additionally, we’re pleased to share the following upcoming enhancements over the next two months:

  • Hand Raising:  Soon, attendees will be able to raise their hands and be clearly marked during a Teams meeting.
  • Attendance tracking:  An optional meeting attendance report will be downloadable from the meeting
  • Pop-out meetings and chat, and a new location for meeting controls:  Your meeting experience will occur in a separate window, with newly designed controls.

See the below screenshots for a sneak peak, and stay tuned for more information here on upcoming features in Microsoft Teams.

Schreenshot of new nine window video display

The new separate Meeting experience (available for enablement in June)

Screenshot of the new user controls.New call control location – upper right to not obstruct video or content (available for enablement in June)