When it comes to purchasing hardware (laptops, tablets, etc.) and software for University use, there are particular guidelines that all faculty and staff must be aware of. We understand there are times when it may seem more convenient to purchase these products on your own, or an emergency need arises that prompts the purchase of new software or devices. However, policies and guidelines are in place to protect the university and the purchaser.

Below are some quick tips on best practices for faculty and staff who are considering purchasing any new hardware or software.

  • All software purchased and downloaded to any Chapman computer equipment requires an agreement to be reviewed & approved by IS&T, Purchasing, and Legal Affairs before┬áthe purchase. Please follow the steps below when purchasing software:
    1. All software purchases must also be checked and cleared by our Digital Accessibility and Information Security teams before sending them to Legal Affairs for approval. Complete and submit the online Software Application Review form.
    2. Once the Software Application Review process has been completed and approved by IS&T, you may send the request to Legal Affairs.
  • The university policy is that all technology purchases (including laptops, tablets, iPads, and software) also must go through IS&T. Staff and faculty may not purchase this equipment on their company P-card or use their personal credit card without prior approval. It is University policy that all technology and software purchases are made via a Purchase Order (PO) through your respective college/department. The consequences of not following policies and procedures can be that the product may not be supported, and/or we may not implement it. Also, the purchaser may not be eligible for reimbursement.

For more information about hardware and software purchasing at Chapman University, please review our online resources listed below before making a purchase.

Fiscal Policy (provided by Financial Services)

Software Purchase Review

For any questions or concerns, please email the Service Desk at servicedesk@chapman.edu.

Thank you.