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Panopto Folder Maintenance – Dec. 21, 2020 Migrating content from old folders to new folders more compatible with Canvas LMS.

December 21, 2020 by | IS&T

On December 21, Chapman’s lecture capture system, Panopto, is scheduled to begin migrating content from the old folders to ones that work better with Canvas and Zoom. From late in the spring 2020 semester, Zoom Cloud recordings have been copied over to Panopto automatically and you should find them in your private My Folder >

Breakout Rooms Now Available On Teams

December 14, 2020 by | IS&T

The long anticipated day has finally arrived. Teams has now made breakout rooms available. Like in Zoom, meeting organizers can divide up members in a meeting into smaller private groups to allow for more flexibility in group discussions and other collaborative activities. What comes with Teams Breakout Rooms? Meeting organizer, similar to the meting host

How to Disable Cross-Site Tracking On Your Internet Browser Fast and easy steps to stop third-party sites from tracking your activity for advertising.

December 1, 2020 by | IS&T

Ever notice when you visit a website and then minutes later you are receiving advertisements for that site on your social media? This is due to something called Cross-Site Tracking, which is where third-party sites track your browser activity and data for advertising purposes. While some may find this service convenient, especially around the holidays,

Zoom Cloud Recording Retention Schedule All Zoom Cloud recordings will expire 120 days after recording

November 19, 2020 by | IS&T

On January 1st, 2021, Chapman University implemented a new Zoom Cloud Recording Retention Schedule, which is that all Zoom Cloud recordings will expire 120 days after recording, meaning that they will be moved to your Trash folder on the Zoom Cloud. Your Zoom recordings will be automatically copied into Microsoft OneDrive as well as to your Panopto My Folder > Meeting Recordings folder. Any recordings posted to Canvas after the fall 2020 semester should contain links that point

Two Factor Authentication Now Mandatory For ALL Faulty and Staff Getting registered is fast and easy!

October 5, 2020 by | IS&T

What is 2FA? Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) adds an extra layer of defense against cyber criminals by requiring users to provide additional ID verification when attempting to access Chapman University systems from off-campus only. So even if your Chapman University account login information is stolen, the hackers will be unable to access your email and other

Outlook QUARANTINE Phishing Scam Cyber attackers depoly new Email Quarantine Alert tactic to lure victims.

September 10, 2020 by | IS&T

Our Department of Information Security would like to make you aware of an emerging phishing scam targeting institution’s Outlook quarantine policy. Cyber attackers are using legitimate email quarantine messages to lure users into unknowingly giving up their username and password. Here is how the phishing scam works: The attackers impersonates technical support sending fake email

Picking A Strong Password

October 11, 2017 by | IS&T

When it comes to cybersecurity, there are many different tools one can use to protect their personal information from cyber attackers. With that said, the most important tool is a strong password. It doesn’t matter if you have the most expensive antivirus software or the tallest firewall, once your password is compromised, none of that

Eduroam Chapman University's Secure WiFi

August 3, 2017 by | IS&T

Chapman University uses a robust and secure wireless network called Eduroam.  Eduroam is in use at many universities and offers big benefits to all users.  Users connected to eduroam will experience the same connectivity as they would on a computer with a wired network connection – faster speeds, secure private network access, and no VPN

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