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No Cell Phone Reception? No Problem! Try Wi-Fi Calling

September 26, 2016 by | Uncategorized

Hey there fellow Panthers! Ever run into the issue where you are trying to call your friend or classmate and you can’t get any cell reception?  Try Wi-Fi calling! Over the past several months, Chapman University and the Information Systems and Technology team have been making significant upgrades to the campus Wi-Fi services.  As a

Chapman Mobile App NOW AVAILABLE Staying connected just got a whole lot easier.

September 22, 2016 by | Uncategorized

Big News Panthers!   The first OFFICIAL Chapman University mobile app is now available! Visit your app store today and download the “CU Mobile” app to access live and up-to-date information such as: Campus community events Parking information Campus maps Class schedules Canvas Alumni information MUCH MORE!!!   Staying connected just got whole lot easier!!! Downloads:

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