Moot CourtOn the weekend of October 11-12, the School of Law sent two teams to the Thomas Tang Regional Moot Court Competition at Seattle University School of Law. The two teams were comprised of Sara Kang (J.D. ’14) and Amanda Herman (J.D. ‘15), and Jaryn Saritzky (J.D. ’14) and Dallis Pflueger-Cavallaro (J.D. ’14). Saritzky and Pflueger-Cavallaro advanced to the final round and will be competing in the national finals in Kansas City, Missouri. Saritzky was also recognized as Best Advocate in the regional competition.

“Our success is the result of a great deal of hard work, as well as the support of our teammates Amanda Herman and Sara Kang, our coaches Andrew Bugman and Nancy Schultz, and the Moot Court Competitions Team as a whole. As we advance to the next round, I think we would both like to further hone our oral advocacy skills and get to know the issues a bit better,” Saritzky said.

The Competition began in 1993 at the South Texas College of Law in Houston, Texas with the school’s Asian Pacific American (APA) Law Student Association. The NAPABA Law Foundation and Judicial Council continues to administer the Competition in honor of the late Unites States Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals Judge Thomas Tang, an advocate for individual rights, minority attorneys, the NAPABA, and the moot court competition. The Competition offers scholarships totaling $10,000.