The month of March is typically known as the month that brings spring, the month that hosts St. Patrick’s Day, and the time for March Madness. However, March also represents a month to commemorate and appreciate women, as it is Women’s History Month. For the library’s display for the month of March, I wanted to curate something for the Chapman community that would provide information and insight into the prominent figures in our history and highlight the importance of this month.

The Leatherby Libraries has an extensive collection of books regarding women’s history. This simplified the book finding process, but also made it difficult for me to choose. There were books about women of all cultures and backgrounds, so I was able to collect a very diverse collection. I was also able to find many books on specific women in history, including Harriet Tubman, Amelia Earhart, Rosa Parks, Nefertiti, and more. The display also includes books about Muslim women, African American women, women from Latin America, women from Ireland, women from China, and Native American women.

I absolutely loved making this display. It was wonderful finding books on a subject that I am very passionate about. I was extremely happy to see the display on the first floor where people could stop by and learn about some of the important figures in our history. I wish that Women’s History Month lasted all year so the display could stay up a little longer, but I’m looking forward to next year where I can try my hand at another women’s history themed display!

– Hakeem Wakil ’20