Kamron LotfiIntroduction

My name is Kamron Lotfi, and I am from Corona, CA. I completed my Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry from California State University, Fullerton, and Master of Pharmaceutical Sciences degree at Chapman University School of Pharmacy. I am currently an In-House Clinical Research Associate at LabCorp Drug Development. My clinical interest is in oncology. I am a Lebron James fan, Los Angeles Lakers fan, and I like watching and playing basketball. On my bucket list I would like to travel to go snowboarding at the French Alps.


During my time at Chapman University School of Pharmacy, I was a contract laboratory science technician in a R&D breast cancer research lab on campus. I decided to go to the social administrative sciences after my time in the lab and focused on researching a cost-effectiveness analysis for children and young adults with acute lymphoblastic leukemia. After graduation I found a career job as an In-House Clinical Research Associate on the oncology team at LabCorp Drug Development. This position is in remote monitoring of clinical sites to see if the proper regulations, drug dosages, patient population, etc is being followed. My career goal is to progress in the clinical research associate role and monitor clinical sites in person once I gain more experience.

Memories at CUSP

As a master’s student, I was fortunate enough to have a great PI named Dr. Enrique Seoane-Vazquez to teach me the other side of pharmaceutical science. I learned how to do a post-market surveillance on biologic/biosimilar drugs using the FDA Adverse Event Reporting System and hosted a seminar on that project my second trimester at the time.

Messages to CUSP Alumni and Students

I was not too sure on what type of position I was going to find during my job search for employment. There were times when I was very discouraged trying to find a position that I wanted and interested in. However, if you keep applying everyday eventually you will find something that you want. Luckily for myself I found a career that I am interested in. So for yourself keep on applying, work hard on your projects, and everything will fall into place.