What is Cayuse and how will that make research easier?

“The Cayuse team delivers and supports user-friendly solutions that simplify research administration so that the world’s brightest minds can focus on discovery, not paperwork. We are passionate about serving the research community through mindful product creation, dedicated service and a commitment to improving and enriching our world.” – Cayuse Team

Chapman is excited to be partnering with Cayuse to bring all research systems (IRB, IACUC, COI, Sponsored Projects) into an integrated system. The Cayuse IRB system went live on October 1st and since that time all faculty and students have been submitting protocols using the online systems.

“This has been created a tremendous amount of efficiency and transparency for faculty, staff and students that will ultimately make research easier to conduct and more compliant” said Dawn Underwood, Assistant Vice President.

Cayuse has undergone beta testing with various IRB users on main campus and at the Rinker campus. Training (in person and online) has also been provided over the past month at various “Cayuse Rodeos” where faculty have had a chance with hands on training. All training materials and dates for in person training will be posted on the Cayuse IRB site here.

Please do not hesitate to contact Natalie Del Rio at IRB@chapman.edu or by phone at 714-628-7392 if you have any questions or would like assistance using the Cayuse product.