Chapman University is committed to creating and maintaining an educational, working, and living environment free from all forms of harassment and sexual misconduct. The University’s policies prohibit such harassment and misconduct and apply to all members of the University community.

On September 21, 2018, the National Science Foundation (NSF) published in the Federal Register a final notice of a new award “term and condition regarding sexual harassment, other forms of harassment, and sexual assault.” That term and condition requires the University to notify NSF promptly of findings of “sexual harassment, other forms of harassment, or sexual assault” against an NSF-funded principal investigator (PI) or co-PI, as well as interim administrative actions imposed by the University (e.g., administrative leave or curtailment of certain University duties).

As of October 22, 2018, all new NSF awards and funding amendments to existing awards are subject to the notification requirement. Also, the University anticipates that additional funding agencies or organizations may adopt comprehensive notification requirements similar to NSF’s.

Representatives from the Office of Research, the Human Resources Department, Office of Institutional Compliance, and Legal Affairs are working to ensure compliance with all reporting requirements.


  • All grant personnel (PI, Co-PI roles trigger reporting requirement)
  • All locations where grant work is undertaken (including conferences, workshops, field sites, on- and off-campus research facilities, online)

Potential NSF Actions

 After receiving and reviewing the information, NSF will consult with the institution and may:

  • Initiate the substitution of the PI or a Co-PI,
  • Reduce the award funding amount, or
  • Suspend or terminate the award.

NSF Considerations

  • Safety and security of personnel supported by the NSF award
  • The overall impact on NSF-funded activity
  • Continued advancement of taxpayer-funded investments in science and scientists
  • Whether the awardee has taken appropriate action(s) to ensure continuity of science and that continued progress can be made under funded project


National Science Foundation