What began as a general interest in Woman’s heath resulted in a scholarship award winning research project on the Uptake of Opioid Guidelines in Reproductive Aged Women at Ambulatory Care Clinics.

Salena Preciado, Chapman University’s 2019 Kay Graduate Scholar, instantly became passionate about her research while diving into literature reviews on the topic. During our chat, Salena shared how literature reviews ignited and fueled her desire to decipher ways to positively impact the female health industry. Preciado hopes to further integrate the knowledge she has attained in her research into her practice, hoping to result in education and acknowledgement in female health.

Looking ahead, Preciado will be receiving her Masters in Pharmaceutical Sciences this fall and is excited to get her PhD in Pharmaceutical Social Administrative Science also here at Chapman starting in January 2020.

On behalf of the Office of Research, we would like to once again congratulate Salena Preciado for her wonderful research and for the impact she is making in the female health industry!

Written by Kaydi Onaga, 2020