The Center of Excellence in Complex and Hypercomplex Analysis presents a workshop on function theories for biocomplex and hyperbolic numbers. The workshop will run from October 22 to 26 in the Sandhu Conference Center.

Function Theories for Bicomplex and Hyperbolic numbers have recently gained momentum in the Mathematics and Physics communities. The goal of this workshop is to provide and stimulate interaction and communication among the researchers whose scientific interests include these two areas of Mathematics.

The workshop will consists of 75 minutes talks followed by sessions of discussions. There will be two talks in the morning and two talks in the afternoon, each talk followed by discussions. Separate special sessions of discussions will also be planned.

Confirmed participants include:

  • Chancellor Daniele C. Struppa (CECHA Member)
  • Adrian Vajiac (CECHA Member)
  • Mihaela Vajiac (CECHA Member)
  • Maria Elena Luna Elizarraras (CECHA Member)
  • Michael Shapiro (CECHA Member)
  • John Ryan
  • Dominic Rochon
  • Daniel Alpay
  • Franciscus Sommen
  • Rolph Soeren Krausshar
  • Sorin Gal
  • Uwe Kahler
  • Paula Cerejeiras
  • Matvei Libine
  • Klaus Guerlebeck
  • Sebastien Tremblay
  • Craig Nolder