It is our pleasure to invite you to the first research seminar of the semester in our School of Computational Sciences.  Join us on Wednesday, September 18 2013, at noon, in Von Neumann Hall, with tea served at 11:30am.

This week’s flavor is Mathematics, more specifically Algebra, and our speaker is Professor Tadeusz Litak, from Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg, Germany.

Title: “Friends, Likes and Coalitions: Calgebraic Predicate Logic in Action”

Abstract: The talk is about a joint work with Dirk Pattinson, Katsuhiko Sano and Lutz Schröder. It is about a generalization of first-order logic: a natural and generic language for non-relational structures which can be recast as Set-coalgebras. However, I will assume no familiarity with coalgebras and coalgebraic logic. It is enough to know  that the framework
can cover such diverse structures as Kripke frames, neighbourhood frames, topological spaces, discrete Markov chains,
conditional frames, multigraphs or game frames for coaliton logic/alternating time logics. As a taster, we will develop
an apparatus to reason about activities and preferences in social networks. Then we will shortly discuss issues likes
completeness, model theory and proof theory.

Directions and information about upcoming talks can be found at the MathCS Seminar website.