Join us
Wednesday, March 19th at noon in Arygros Forum, room 119A
. Katrine Whiteson, PhD, will present “Metabolites, Germs and People: Human-associated Microbial Communities in Health and Disease”. Dr. Whiteson studies how individual and persistent human-associated microbial and viral communities affect health. The talk will address how infection with a bacterial pathogen, vaccination, immune development and even taking a Tylenol does not occur in a vacuum. Dynamic microbial and viral communities constantly inhabit our bodies, encoding the majority of the unique genes that alter these processes.


Each semester, Schmid College of Science and Technology hosts its Science Forum Series. Faculty and special guests present their latest research to the campus community. Each presentation is approximately 45 minutes to one hour in length. Feel free to drop in and leave as your schedule permits. Light refreshments will be served.