Hopefully, you read last week’s blog post, “LinkedIn Profile Tips for STEM Students,” and had some time to update your LinkedIn account. Now that it is up-to-date, how do you ensure you’re using LinkedIn for more than just another platform for showing off your resume? I have some tips for you.

80% or more of opportunities are found through a network. So if you hate networking, LinkedIn is a wonderful resource for those who prefer to network behind a computer instead of in person.


I recommend sharing media or posts related to your industry. So what does that look like for someone in the sciences? Think about the noteworthy research papers you have written related to your career goal or that poster presentation you had of research findings. Not only can you add these to your “media” sections, but you can also share these as posts.

Example text: “This shows my findings on XYZ that I am sharing with other #environmentalists. Do you believe there are ways to implicate these measures in California?”

Solicit feedback from your connections, use hashtags to get the attention of those who might not be following you yet, and spark conversations. This is how you get noticed, but also how you brand yourself to a specific industry.

(Below is an example of how student Monroe Roush shares media content she has written)

LinkedIn example student profileLinkedin Example



Many people do not know this, but following your dream company/graduate school not only keeps you updated with new job opportunities or leads, but may also increase your chances of being seen by a recruiter. When searching for candidates within LinkedIn, a recruiter can easily prioritize applicants who are already following their company.


Now you’ve sealed the deal by following your dream company, showing them how engaged you are by sharing content in that industry, the last step is to make sure you actively engage with them. If there is a person in your dream job who is posting about their work experiences, use that as an opportunity to engage with them. It could be a simple “thanks for sharing this, it is great to see how kindly XYZ treats their employees!” OR take it to the next level, and comment on the company’s posts themselves. Again, this might get you seen by a recruiter.

This week, I challenge you to find a few companies you are interested in working for soon or in the long-term, and comment on at least one of their posts! OR make your own insightful “share” to the LinkedIn world!