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Food Science Alumna Profile: Nicole Law ’12

March 7, 2014 by | News

Nicole Law ’12, a graduate of Chapman University’s Food Science master’s program, recently shared her experience journeying from China to Chapman University and then starting her career with her current job as Food Safety Coordinator at Frieda’s. You can watch her profile above. Food Science is the discipline in which scientists use biology, chemistry, physical sciences,

Upcoming Science Forum Series: Effects of Climate Change on Food Safety

April 11, 2013 by | News

Schmid College of Science and Technology continues its Science Forum Series next Wednesday with Dr. Rosalee Hellberg, Assistant Professor, Microbial Food Ecology. This talk will provide an overview of the potential effects of climate change and variability on food safety and food-borne illness.  Numerous environmental factors, including temperature, acidity, oxygen availability and rainfall can impact

Food safety lessons from industry veterans for upcoming panel

February 12, 2013 by | News

Hear industry veterans talk about the business aspects of food safety.  Key topics will include food safety outbreaks, risk management, crisis planning, food safety programs, and third party audits.  With lessons learned in the field, the panelists will present a template for managing business, consumers, and customers during outbreaks. The panel discussion will take place

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