A New Twist on an Old Favorite!

February 25, 2013 by | Uncategorized

Are your closets are full to overflowing with clothes you just don’t wear? Do you keep wearing the same things over and over because you can’t find what you are looking for? Did you forget you have an amazing shirt or rocking pair of pants because they got crammed in the back of


Chapman vs. Tennessee Tech

February 5, 2013 by | Uncategorized

Chapman University has the distinction of being the first university in America to have the state of the art SportsArt Eco-Fit exercise equipment on campus. And now we have the opportunity to also have the distinction of being the first private university to crush Tennessee Tech in a competition of endurance, speed, and strength. February


Talking Trash!

January 25, 2013 by | Uncategorized

Did you ever think a trash can could send a message to an iPad? I know I didn’t… until I found out about the BigBelly Solar trash and recycling collection system! These nifty bins use a solar-powered management console and a command center to decrease the frequency of waste pick-up. Each bin compacts its


Sustainability Across the Curriculum at Chapman

December 5, 2012 by | Uncategorized

Chapman University faculty are stepping up and leading the way in educating students about a more sustainable future. By developing courses related to sustainability, faculty are helping students and the Chapman community to understand the importance of sustainability in their everyday lives. In a recent survey looking at ways in which faculty integrate sustainability


CSA is here to stay!

November 2, 2012 by | Uncategorized

Maybe you keep hearing people talk about their CSA box and you keep wondering what in the world are they talking about? You’ve probably come up with all kinds of possible meanings… Chapman Sponsored Athletics? Cute Snuggly Animals (though you do wonder why they are keeping them in boxes)? College Survival Artillery (Which is probably where


Pumping Kilowatts?

September 10, 2012 by | Uncategorized

Most of the time we think of working out as something we do that’s good for our health, whether it be our waist line, to reduce stress, blow off steam, or just generally keep ourselves in balance. We don’t necessarily think of it as something that has a direct positive, impact on the  planet.


Green Your Life!

August 24, 2012 by | Uncategorized

Now that you’ve greened your dorm room it’s time to examine a few simple ways that you can green your life at Chapman University! The clothesline is much more than a wrestling move! Running a typical clothes dryer for one hour uses about 4kWh. For Chapman residents that means that roughly 4lbs of carbon is generated every time a


Welcome to the Green Room!

August 20, 2012 by | Uncategorized

Every year as young men and women across the country embark on their exciting new lives as college students (or return as upper classmen) thousands of tons of garbage is generated as new dorm rooms are outfitted. Luckily, it has never been easier on both the planet and your wallet to green your


Charging Ahead!

August 8, 2012 by | Uncategorized

At Chapman University we really like being at the top of the pack. We love that our school is recognized for its top notch film school and our commitment to academics. We are honored to host Nobel Laureates and Peace Prize recipients, TedX speakers, and distinguished diplomats. We take great pride in our student-athletes and can’t wait

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