DisAbility Summit

Some of our favorite shots from the 1st annual DisAbility Summit

Thompson Policy Institute recently hosted its first annual DisAbility Summit at Chapman University on May 3rd, 2016. The research presented was primarily about Autism in the Workplace and the rising rates of autism diagnoses in Orange County. It was well received by those who attended the event and various news outlets have since started spreading the word about TPI’s insightful research on Autism Spectrum Disorder.

LA Times – Autism research is top-of-mind for this new think tank

The LA Times features TPI and out intention to inform and shape policy for those with disabilities and autism. Both the Autism in the Workplace and Understanding the Prevalence of Autism reports from our DisAbility Summit are briefly outlined. Click above to read the full feature.

89.3 KPCC – New report explain OC’s dramatic rise in Autism diagnoses 

89.3 KPCC includes our full summary of our findings from the May 3rd, 2016 DisAbility Summit. Particularly interesting is the “diagnostic migration” that helps explain the recent spike of autism diagnoses in Orange County.

The OC Register – Spike in autism caused by a shift in diagnosis, Chapman study says 

The OC Register further explains that the recent spike in autism diagnoses was not caused by an increase in the amount of people with autism, but rather a refinement in how the diagnoses were being made. More specific diagnoses are now given as our understanding of ASD becomes clearer.

The team here at Thompson Policy Institute is thrilled that these publications are helping to spread our research and allowing us to carry out our mission of informing and impacting policy around disability and autism.