Thompson Policy Institute on Disability (TPI) is pleased to announce that Dr. Kevin Stockbridge has joined the team as the CalEPIC Project Manager. As part of the California Educator Preparation Innovation Collaborative (CalEPIC), Dr. Stockbridge will collaborate with Dr. Charlotte Achieng-Evensen, CalEPIC Senior Transformation Specialist, in supporting CalEPIC’s vision to build the capacity of California’s diverse, well-prepared, and thriving educators to support equity, inclusivity, and the whole child.

Dr. Stockbridge comes to TPI from Attallah College of Educational Studies at Chapman University where he served as the Clinical Assistant Professor of Teacher Education. Dr. Stockbridge received his Ph.D. in Education with an emphasis in Cultural and Curricular Studies from Chapman University in 2017. His research explores ethical, spiritual, epistemological, and practical implications of centering othered/transgressive identities and liminal experiences in education. The research that Dr. Stockbridge engages in is strengthened by his experience teaching in middle and high schools in both suburban and urban settings and his work with community organizations, such as Padres Unidos.

“In addition to a range of experiences working in schools and community organizations, Dr. Stockbridge brings with him a passion for critically transforming education, an ethic of care, and joy. I am excited for his thought-partnership and cultivating a shared vision” said Dr. Achieng-Evensen. 

Dr. Stockbridge’s expertise in the areas of teacher identity, secondary education, queer theory, community-university partnerships, and action research will support CalEPIC’s mission to design, develop, and deliver innovative supports for educator preparation programs that prepare a diverse and thriving workforce. 

TPI is excited to have Dr. Stockbridge’s experience and leadership contribute to TPI’s collaborative effort to create innovative, cutting-edge inclusive practices in PK-12, higher education, and community settings.