Celebrated academics were not always celebrated academics. Those great researchers and innovators once started exactly where you are today, as undergraduates with ambition and some vague dream of doing.

Maybe you fancy yourself the next Steven Spielberg, Toni Morrison, or Sigmund Freud? Do you have the gumption of Jane Goodall or the critical mind of Jacques Derrida?


However confident in your desire and drive to conduct research, getting started on your academic or creative journey can be far from easy.

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Whether you’re ready to dive in head first, or merely dip your toe in the world of research, DRAW has you covered.


Mark your calendar for Tuesday, October 3rd from 4-5 PM in 209C Argyros Forum to attend the student workshop, Strategies for Getting Involved in Undergraduate Research and Creative Activity. 

This student driven event will answer all your questions about getting started in the daunting field of research or creative work. The OURCA Ambassadors, Art Ambassadors, and Schmid Student Leadership council will answer crucial questions, such as:

How do you determine your research/creative interests?

What steps should you take to identify a faculty mentor?

How can you turn your ideas and interests into a project?

What do you need to do to work toward eventual publication?

Nadiya Upegui and Sarah Alexander-4.jpgThere is no need to wait to pursue your academic and creative passions. Let DRAW help you find your path to a successful and illuminating future!


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