It’s a familiar feeling: hands shaking, word stuttering, breath shallowing. Presenting your work can be an unnerving experience, even for the most seasoned researcher. Despite months, years, decades of academic inquiry, gaining the confidence to design and present your hard work is not always intuitive to the academic. Especially as undergraduate researchers, new to the field, it is difficult how to know where to begin so that you can share your work with confidence and clarity.

OURCA’s Poster Design and Presentation Workshop is the place to be for Chapman University undergraduate researchers in need of a jump start and basic know-how for displaying and discussing academic and creative projects. On Wednesday, November 15th at 3 PM, join Dr. Julye Bidmead and Dr. Crisela Toto in Argyros Form 209C to learn how to develop both attention-grabbing poster designs and audience-engaging presentation skills. 

Planning to participate in Student Research Day? This workshop is a must, especially for first-time presenters. Dr. Bidmead and Dr. Toto will guide students through the process of determining effective use of visuals and layouts, as well as highlighting techniques of verbal presentation.

Of her experience at the Poster Design and Presentation Workshop, OURCA Ambassador Jessica Bocinski enthused that it “is probably one of the most important workshops that OURCA offers

because it helps hone your ability to communicate your research to other people in a clear and engaging way.” She went on to emphasize, “If you’ve done all this amazing research but don’t know how to share it with other people, then it’s going to be really hard to establish the value of your findings.”

Now is the time to discover

the full potential of your research. Attending the Poster Design and Presentation Workshop is sure to be an informative and transformative experience to develop the essential skills that are so valued across academic disciplines.


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