On December 5, the Center for Undergraduate Excellence will host our semi-annual CU Student Scholar Symposium, featuring keynote speaker FBI Special Agent Frederick J. Simon. Special Agent Simon currently works as a Private Sector Coordinator for the Office of Public and Congressional Affairs, evaluating, educating, and improving security for local institutions from private mom-and-pop businesses to Angels’ Stadium. His work in the FBI has brought him across the country investigating espionage and domestic and international terrorism. Special Agent Simon’s career revolves entirely around investigating and learning, using the same skills instilled with undergraduate research such as that presented during CU Student Scholar Symposium.

In his keynote address, Special Agent Simon will discuss his path in life that led him to his career with the FBI. Special Agent Simon has been with the FBI for 20 years, working his way up from Investigative Specialist to Special Agent. He has been a part of such notable teams as the Evidence Response Team, where he served as Evidence Technician, and the Special Operations Group. During his career, he has had a wide variety of unique experiences, from serving as investigating the Boston Bombing to an Interrogator at Guantanamo Bay Naval Base, from educating nations from the former Soviet Bloc in evidence collection and operations techniques to stopping a planned bombing of the New York City subway system before it happened.

Throughout Special Agent Simon’s career, research and data collection has played a key role in his success. As an Investigator, he collects and analyzes data to solve cases. Every case is a puzzle that he and his team have to put together to ensure the criminals are put behind bars, or stopped before they have a chance to terrorize the public. Collection of accurate data and proper interpretation of the data are literal life and death issues. These skills that Special Agent Simon uses every day for the FBI are the same skills required of all research fields, including the undergraduate research that takes place here at Chapman. Just one piece of mis-recorded data or one skipped piece of data that refutes the conclusion makes all the difference at the end of the day.

Special Agent Frederick J. Simon will deliver his keynote address on Wednesday, December 5th, at 12:00 pm during  CU Student Scholar Symposium. All presenters and mentors are invited to this luncheon, and other members of the Chapman community are invited as space allows with RSVP. Don’t miss this unique and thought-provoking event that explores the breadth of student undergraduate and graduate research and creative activity here at Chapman University. It may just inspire your next project!

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