Where are they now?

October 26, 2021 by | Profiles

Upon graduating from Dodge with a Film Production degree in 2019, Keshav Srinivasan pursued a Master’s degree in Film and Screen Studies at the University of Cambridge, England. Now, based in Brooklyn, New York, he teaches film classes at a community college and is in the process of acquiring his Teaching English as a Foreign


Resources at the Center for Undergraduate Excellence - Student Scholar Ambassadors

October 7, 2021 by | Uncategorized

The Student Scholar Ambassadors are a select group of outstanding undergraduates who have participated in one or more programs that the Center for Undergraduate Excellence (CUE) offers. Programs include academic research, creative activity, and/or applied to or received a prestigious fellowship/scholarship. Each year, the CUE receives applications from diverse groups of individuals in various disciplines


Save the date! Virtual Faculty Research and Creative Scholars Expo

September 23, 2021 by | Uncategorized

Got a taste for what research/creative activity is like at the “Strategies for Getting Involved in UG Research and Creative Activity Panel”? Ready to work up the courage to talk to some professors about the projects they have going on? Then the Faculty Research and Creative Scholars Expo is the perfect place to put your


Introducing the Undergraduate Faculty Mentor Directory

September 1, 2021 by | Uncategorized

The Undergraduate Faculty Mentor Directory was created to provide undergraduate students with a complete guide of faculty interested in mentoring students for research or creative activity. The goal of this project is to present students with potential mentors across various disciplines in the hopes that they can find one that fits their specific research/creative interests.


Congratulations SURF 2021 Fellows!

August 30, 2021 by | Uncategorized

Every summer, a select group of students across all disciplines is chosen by the Center of Undergraduate Excellence (CUE) to indulge in an 8-week intensive research program known as the Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship (SURF). SURF allows motivated individuals to seek out research and creative activity with a faculty mentor of their choice while receiving


Announcing our 2021 SURF Fellows!

May 7, 2021 by | Uncategorized

Every spring, the Center for Undergraduate Excellence (CUE) reviews applicants for the Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship (SURF). SURF is a paid eight-week program focused on undergraduate research and creative projects. Fellows can either work with a faculty mentor to either continue the mentor’s current research or create a project of their own.  Given the rigorous


SURF Spotlight: Lee Sottile

April 23, 2021 by | Uncategorized

Lee Sottile (they/them) has always been a huge fan of musical theater since high school. Continuing this love for theater, Sottile decided to pursue their interests in a combination of art and humanities. Sottile graduated from Chapman in May 2020 with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Television, Writing, and Production as well as a


From SURF to Medical School

April 23, 2021 by | Accomplishments

Going to college was not the standard for Chapman alumnus Brady Slater, especially growing up in a small town. In fact, only 15% of his high school class went on to college. Given the statistics, Slater graduated from high school and attended Chapman University, graduating in 2016 with a major in General Biology. Slater is

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