Have you ever wondered how your students see their grades and the feedback that you are providing for them in Canvas?  In last week’s Tech Tuesday, we looked at grades and feedback from a student perspective:

Here are the Canvas Guides for the topics that we covered.  Please feel free to share these with your students!

For students:

For instructors:

Remember that you can always use the Student View feature to experience your Canvas course from the perspective of a student.  For example, you can enter student view, submit an assignment, then leave student view.  You can then grade the Test Student’s assignment submission and provide feedback as yourself/the instructor.  The next time that you enter student view, you can click on Grades in the left-hand course navigation menu to see what the grade and your feedback look like from the perspective of the Test Student.  For instructions on how to use the Student View feature:

How do I view a course as a test student using Student View?