Teaching untethered removes the physical barriers that separate instructors from the students. The connected classrooms are equipped with Apple TV. Instructors use airplay on the iPad to share their screen with the classroom projector. 

We encourage instructors to interact with their students and step away from the podium. Instructors can walk around the classroom and have a mobile document camera, a whiteboard, annotate, highlight, zoom in, and a multimedia command center at their fingertips. Instructors can lead activities anywhere in the classroom, which will be highly effective for student engagement, collaboration, and active learning. Instructors can move from student to student and ask them questions. iPad screen and lecture audio could be recorded and made available as a video after class.

We recommend watching the ETS workshop on teaching untethered for a step-by-step guide on using the technology in our Chapman classrooms to start using this teaching strategy.

Before the class ends, ask the students:

  • How did it feel to have me walk around and ask questions? 
  • Did you think me being closer affected the learning environment? 

After the class has ended, self-reflect and the following:

  • How did you feel about walking around and teaching? 
  • Did you think your body and mind were working together to learn the classroom technology?
  • Did the learning environment feel engaging?

Final thoughts:

Please think of how students can benefit from flexible seating or having students present from their devices, creating a more student-centered environment.